Three in Seven

With the oversaturation of ads in the marketplace, consumers are flooded on a daily basis with different product or service offerings, and as we try to win or retain their business we run the unfortunate risk of being lost in the noise.

To avoid, or minimize, that risk, it is essential for your company to create a broad and lasting awareness in the minds of your target audience. How do you do this? By maintaining a strong brand presence that is constantly being exposed to your audience, and in a consistent format.

Branding is the act of exposing prospects to your name, logo, tagline, etc. By exposing new and current customers to your brand on a frequent basis, you are maximizing the potential that you are top of mind for these customers when they are ready to purchase the product or service that you offer. With the right ad campaign, not only will your customers know who you are, but they will actively seek out your brand to purchase.

For best results a business needs to expose each prospect to the same ad impression three times within a week. By running a very strong campaign over the course of a month you can easily create a very lasting effect on the people you would like to have as your customers. Studies show that a prospect needs to be exposed to the same ad impression three times within a week to make an impact. This does not mean they need to see the same medium, but it does mean the exposure needs to be consistent. It is important to maintain continuity through use of the same logo, business name and/or tagline in all of your promotions.

Once the brand has been created, the next step is to develop an ad campaign that will have the highest reach to your target audience. This could consist of anything from television, radio, or print to websites, online marketing, and so on. To reach the results you are looking for, contact Dailey Marketing Group today.

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