Internal Branding – Employee Buy In

When you developed your brand, you were not just creating a logo or tagline.  You were also creating the experience that you want each customer to have when using your product or service. This experience should create strong positive emotions, inviting the customer to trust and become loyal to it.  But no matter how strong of an experience you create, if your employees do not uphold the brand as well, the experience can be lost. This is why it is just as important to promote your brand internally. Internal Branding is the promotion of the brand within your organization. It reinforces the vision, capabilities and market position to your employees. With the help of internal branding, a sense of pride should be established within the company. This pride will then overflow not only to the existing customers, but to all the people who come in contact with your employees. The pleasure the employee shows to be working for an organization itself speaks volumes about your company. Along with that, the behavior this employee exerts while representing your organization affects the brand image. To ensure the image remains positive, it is important to make the company’s image very clear to each employee.

Internal branding can be done in a variety of ways, whether through something simple like the employee handbook or an email all the way up to company events. However you choose, to make sure the customer continues to have the experience you wish, brand internally on a continuous basis.

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