The Importance of Tradeshow Giveaways

Trade shows are the perfect place to meet potential customers, as well as being used as a social networking resource. Obviously, your number one priority at the event should be to have a stunning, eye-catching trade show display that will appeal to your target market and intrigue them to visit your display booth. However, what incentives are you giving these visitors that will make them feel that it was worth their time to stop by your exhibit? This is where trade show giveaways come in. 

Promotional giveaway items should be used to make you more memorable, and should communicate your marketing message effectively. So, what items will you plan on giving away? Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach, explains that the first step is to figure out what your objective is. Once you have a clear goal, it should be much easier to decide which giveaway items would help you achieve this goal.

You should have different sets of items to be given away.  A pen with your company’s name and logo on it can get you remembered each time the pen is used.  However, for the potentially more serious customer, perhaps a package of eye catching literature on your company would be more appropriate.  After a few minutes of speaking with your visitor, you should be able to figure out into which category they fall.

These items should not be given to just anyone, but only to those people who have given you the opportunity to talk to them about your products or services. If every single person walking by your display booth is given your promotional item, you and your company are not going to be remembered. The chances are very high that many of the people who will take your product without speaking to you are not interested in what you have to offer.

It is very important to have your logo, contact information, and your marketing message imprinted to the item. This way, the visitors will remember who the promotional items were from long after the show is over. Handing out discount coupons that require the potential customers to contact your company to redeem them is a very effective way to increase your future sales.

How will you be able to track the effectiveness of these promotional items? One way is by doing post-show follow up calls and finding out if they remembered you and if the item was useful to them. Another way to track the success of these giveaway items is by having a meeting with your booth staff to find out if these items attracted a specific target audience to your booth.

As I stated earlier, it is extremely important to have a trade show booth that will draw people in to your booth. Nevertheless, trade show giveaways will give potential customers an incentive to actually speak to you and find out more about your products or services. 

United States 5/19/2009 (TransWorldNews) 

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