13 Great Tips for Getting Emails into Your Customers Inbox

Legitimate email marketers still have to contend with spam filters. Consider the filters while you are designing and writing your email.

  1. Maintain a good balance of graphics to text in your HTML emails. Many experts recommend you try to maintain a balance of 60% text and 40% graphics.
  2. Never send an email that is one big graphic.
  3. In addition to the HTML version, always include a text only version. The filters reward those who take the little bit of extra time to create both versions.
  4. AVOID HYPE!! Ideally, you would avoid exclamation marks and ALL CAPS and in the subject line and the content or use in moderation.
  5. Do not use phrases that seem too good to be true. Yes, there are “once in a lifetime opportunities” but they don’t arrive in your Inbox.
  6. The filters don’t like “money back guarantees.”
  7. “Urgent!” It is not that urgent if the email ends up in the junk folder.
  8. Don’t claim you have made a “breakthrough.”
  9. Avoid using unusual fonts, all red type, flashing objects, and other assorted weirdness.
  10. Avoid very small fonts.
  11. Avoid excessive text about money. Of course, if your topic is money you have to talk about it but try to be economical.
  12. Configure a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record in your Domain Name Service (DNS) records for your domain name (yourcompany.com).
  13. If you are getting too many spam complaints, then consider putting the unsubscribe link at the top of your email. Many times if people cannot find the unsubscribe button right away, they will default to pressing the complain button or spam button (found on email services provided by AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo and Google). It is much better to have people unsubscribe than to register an electronic complaint.

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