Defining Your Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity impacts all aspects of your business and plays a vital role in your customer’s overall experience with your organization. Having a strong consistent identity throughout your communication and marketing efforts is the first step to building your organization and a solid image. Many corporations accomplish this with the help of outside branding and corporate identity consultants, or specialists. These specialists ensure that the company is acting in a way which is consistent with its corporate identity, keeping the company’s position in the market strong.

A brand or corporate identity, serves to create associations and expectations among products made by a producer. A brand often includes an explicit logo design, font and typography structure, color schemes and symbols which can be used across all marketing materials. This corporate identity system shows the difference between the conceptual and technical borders of a sign as the identity, and an organized system of signs and visual structures. The creation of an identity program is beyond the design of simple signs. Corporate identity involves a company’s logo and design strategy, and is merely a component of an overall brand strategy. When all of these components come together, a memorable brand is created. If you have ever purchased something after seeing a commercial for it on television or after seeing a print ad for the product, than you already know just how effective this strategy can be.

Brand identity is a basic requirement for any company, product or service to launch itself into the branding roadmap. Every company should have a basic but well-researched brand portfolio that describes what the brand is and what it stands for. This model is based on the idea that brand identity is managed. Positive brand image that ensures a competitive advantage is build up when conveying brand identity to consumers efficiently and employing particular strategies of positioning. This identity is the most outward expression of the brand. It serves to distinguish your brand from its rivals while affirming market position.

Who do you want to be as a corporation. What values do you want your corporation to adopt and promote. When people think of your corporation, what would you like their first thoughts to be. When you are developing your corporate identity, these are some of the initial things that you should be thinking about. Your competition is working hard to develop their own unique branding and marketing strategy, which is why it only makes sense to work twice as hard to develop yours.

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