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Helpfull Tips on Tradeshow Exhibits

A good tradeshow exhibit mixes a little bit of flash with a whole lot of information about the organization’s mission. Whether the show display is meant to tout a new product or service or an entire line of them, a few things are key in creating a professional, eye-catching display. The costs involved, of course, will vary, but do keep in mind a loan shouldn’t be necessary to get the right message out. Imagination and planning however are key.

The best tradeshow exhibits use the newspaper method to pull potential customers and clients in to learn more about a product or service. This means a bit of flash, or the headline if you will, is an absolute must. If a display doesn’t catch the eye, it won’t capture the attention.

But, just like a newspaper, if there isn’t substance beyond the flash, the viewer will quickly move on to another organization’s display. A well-organized display entices clients and gives them all the information they need to know to be interested in buying the product or service.

Consider these things when putting together a display or buying the backdrop for one:

  • Mission for the display. Is the display meant to tout a product or service? Is it needed for a one-time show or possibly many? If the display will be used for many different occasions, is it one that’s adjustable in size to meet different constraints? Can it be altered for different products? Services?
  • Color of the backdrop. This is important for setting up the graphic elements for the rest of the display. If your display, for example, is meant to tout an exciting new product that happens to have nothing but red in its logo, a red backdrop won’t do. Something more neutral like black or gray might be better. Plus, the neutral backdrops allow the information to create the flash and are more suitable for multiple uses.
  • Complexity of the display. There are many different types of displays available pre-made. These can include single boards just for putting posters and pictures on, or very complex backdrops that have their own shelving for multi-media presentations, lighting and more. The complexity and costs should be considered. The choices are so many, the best way to decide on this is to first set a budget and then determine what you’d like included in the tradeshow display, such as paper information, posters, a computer screen or maybe even a TV that has a demonstration on a continuous loop.
  • Graphics. Many companies that make backdrops for tradeshows will also offer graphics services. When this is the case, it’s a good idea to visualize the graphics you’d like included along with the complexity of the display and the colors for the background. A good display is eye-catching, but not too overpowering in appearance the actual message gets lost.

A good display is eye-catching to pull viewers in, but if there isn’t substance included as well, the viewer will be lost. Be certain to make sure your display speaks to your company’s mission, the product’s mission or the service’s purpose, too. Don’t overlook the meat of the presentation simply to have flash and you’ll find a number of different display options will serve beautifully.