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Should Cut Back on Marketing During These Tough Times?

If you have a business that sells products, you need to get the word out about your product to as many people in your target market as possible. Everything you do should start with getting customers. If you have no customers, you have no business. It is an unfortunate situation that most business owners cut back on their marketing and advertising budget when sales go down. That is exactly the worst approach you can take. Marketing is both a short-term and a long-term investment in the survivability of your company. Saving money on marketing when dollars are scarce may seem like a logical way to cut expenses. But, while you may see a short-term benefit, over the long haul, you may be slowly killing your business.

When consumers are scrutinizing each purchase carefully before they commit their dollars, you must keep on top of their mind why they need to purchase your product. You must keep reminding them that you are still in business and they need what you are selling. It is likely that your competitors are going through the same cost-benefit analysis in which you are engaged and that many of them have decided that they are not willing to spend their dollars on advertising or other forms of marketing. That’s great news. That is how you get to dominate your market. When others are pulling back, you push forward. You fill the vacuum left by your competitors’ trying to save money.

Similarly, if your business is a service business, you still need to market and create new referral sources and nurture the ones that you already have. This is the time to let your referral sources know that you are still in business and how much they mean to you. This is the time to spend on forming new relationships with movers and shakers who can bring you new clients. Keep up with those lunches and dinners, tickets to sports and other events, or however you used to develop new referral sources.

You may want to change your message a bit to acknowledge that times are different. If you are lucky, your product or service is even more needed, now that people are facing hard times and cutting their spending.

Don’t neglect using the free or cheaper forms of marketing that are out there. You can use social media to get your message out for free, you can hire independent contractors for each marketing project (check with your lawyer to make sure that you are not hiring an employee and classifying someone as an independent contractor), you can offer internships to college students to get some help instead of hiring employees (do this through the colleges that are near your office). There are many ways to market on the cheap if you need to economize. But don’t stop marketing. By consistently getting your marketing message out to your existing customers and to your target market for new customers, you are doing the most you can to ride out the hard times and still be in business when the good times return.

Why Use B2B Data Lists?

More and more, business-to-business marketers are using B2B data lists; largely because of the great benefit they provide in the search for new clients and, as any thriving company knows, new clients are essential to growth.

Without a B2B data list, finding new companies to sell to takes a lot of effort, looking through brochures and magazines, attending conventions or even cold-calling. When you use a B2B data list, you don’t have to look any further than your computer screen and your telephone to initiate contact. A multitude of potential clients are listed and organized in a database and you can even find companies within your local area or specific industries you serve.

A new company can’t afford to spend a lot of time searching out new clients. They need to find and secure customers as quickly as possible in order to establish themselves. One way to do this would be by coordinating an effective email marketing campaign. In order to do this, you need to have all of the email addresses of the key people within the companies you want to do business with. Without a B2B data list, you could spend hours researching the information you need to send your emails to the right people. Even then, there is always a chance of sending the wrong person the information within the right company. However, if you use a B2B database, you can quickly identify the information for all of the companies you wish to contact in less time than it might take just to find the information you need to make contact with one company using traditional methods.

You can use the B2B database for more than your email campaigns; Databases have all the information you need to conduct your business through phone campaigns as well. A database can make a phone campaign so much easier, transforming it from the tedious ritual of researching through piles of source material to find a phone number. Instead, you have a list right in front of you that tells you what companies might be interested in doing business with you. It will let you know which ones are movers and which ones are stagnant, so you can jump on opportunities as soon as they emerge.

When you are finding new clients quickly, it also affects your inventory. You will find your warehouse isn’t getting as full as it used to, even though business is better than ever. That’s because, with more customers, your sales cycle is shortened. With a shortened sales cycle, your storage capacity needs are reduced, lowering your costs of operation and increasing your profits. A B2B data list can assist your company in so many ways; it would almost be crazy to venture into this market without the use of one.

As you can see, a B2B data list is definitely the most important tool that any B2B marketing company can utilize. The time it saves alone is a big money saver and the results it produces can be a big profit maker. When implemented to its fullest capacity, it could be what you need in order to make your company stand out and become the thriving profit machine you always knew it could be.

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Improve Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long way since the early years of the modern internet. Marketers have moved beyond the traditional batch and blast approach in an effort to deliver campaigns that are more focused, personal, and effective. Technology has moved the industry forward in a big way, and left behind a variety of useful tools in its path. Keeping up with these tools is critically important for those who wish to continually reap the benefits of email marketing.

The Business Then and Now

In the beginning, email marketing made its reputation as a reliable method for connecting with a large audience, offering benefits that could be compared to the internet itself in terms of reach. Most of the initial rage was attributed to it being more cost effective than traditional channels. Those days saw marketers sending plaintext messages to one large list and generating very positive results. A few years later, HTML emerged, extending itself from the web to the email platform. Today, it provides a way for marketers to communicate far more effectively and create a better experience for consumers.

The past days of email marketing were largely based on sending messages to as many people as you could as fast as possible. Reporting was limited to viewing general data related to opens, clicks, and conversions. These days, savvy marketers are relying on segmentation to achieve relevance and personalization, while analytics is available as a tool to track everything from website activity to engagement. The industry is currently blessed with techniques that enable businesses to deploy campaigns with a greater level of sophistication, and gain deeper insight into their success with technology that was not available before.

The advancements in email marketing tools have added tremendous flexibility to a tactic that was always known for its power. Today, it can be integrated with a variety of different methods and channels that make it possible for businesses to tap into new markets. It is an ideal match for traditional vehicles such as direct mail, as well as newer channels such as blogs, social networks, and mobile platforms. These integrations not only significantly enhance the value of email, but also other methods and channels. More importantly, they offer the power to strengthen your overall marketing efforts.

Observe and Adapt

Technology has had such an impact on email marketing, that it has delivered useful tools we will likely rely on for years to come, while rendering many others obsolete through the process of evolution. It is important for marketers to understand that consumers have also evolved. So, in addition to staying on top of technology, we must continuously make an effort to better understand their evolving wants and needs. The key to enjoying long lasting success in any industry is one that calls for its players to observe and adapt. This has been proven time and again by the many businesses that have applied the same approach to email marketing.

Low-Cost and Effective Promotional Items

Many firms today are enduring financial strain due to the unstable state of our overall economy. If this is correct for your organization, it is important to maximize each of your advertising dollars in order to get the best Return on Investment (ROI) for each new advertising campaign launched. You would be wise to purchase low-cost objects in large quantities, in order to save large amounts of money in the procurement of your promotional products. Several low-cost promotional devices are nonetheless highly effective marketing tools that are likely to increase sales and bolster your clientele roster.

Promotional Pens leave behind tools have been around for a long time, and with good reason. Printed promo pens are one of the most cost-effective advertisers available to your corporation. They are easy to purchase in large bulk amounts at affordable prices and are well-received by virtually all demographics.

In addition, marketing pens typically exchange hands multiple times during their lifespan, as your recipients let a friend or co-worker borrow their pens to sign documents, fill out forms or write notes. This fact is of great benefit to your company, as you can expect exponential exposure of your organization brand with each promo pen distributed.

Promo Key Chains Depending on the marketing key chain your business selects, you can acquire these effective advertisers for a very small sum in large, bulk quantities. This makes them perfect for distribution amongst the masses, garnering a great deal of exposure for your company brand with very little effort on your part. Concerts, outdoor festivals and trade shows are all ideal venues whereby to distribute advertising key chains that are emblazoned with your company emblem and contact information.

In addition to being affordable, key chains are also likely to be retained and put into use by your recipients on a daily basis for many months or even years to come. Research shows that repeated exposure to any given brand increases prospective customers’ likelihood of being converted into active patrons. Thus, printed key chains offer a highly effective and low-cost advertising option that will likely improve your company’s overall bottom line.

Promo Mouse Pads Available for bulk purchase, promo mouse pads give your promoting department a large surface area on which to creatively tout your business message. Plenty of space is afforded for your enterprise logo design, contact information, current promotions and graphics. In addition, printed mouse mats are pieces that typically stay atop your recipients’ desks in their homes or offices for a long time coming. Printed mats therefore serve as a low-cost means of purchasing a billboard that will expose your recipients to your enterprise message on a daily basis.

If you are considering using promotional items to promotion your corporation brand, please contact us for more information. We have all of the expertise you’ll need.

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Deciding What Advertising Strategies to Use is Critical

There are several strategies to use for advertising campaigns and promotions. Multi media advertising has taken a new turn. It is no longer the traditional distribution such as TV, placement and print that advertising can be done across.

Advertising is an emotional science of selling goods and services to potential buyers by convincing them of the advantages of the product or services. In advertising, the makers of the products use the power of the media to portray a good or service in a certain way. In this regards, the power of the product or service is usually portrayed as better than other competitive brands in the market.

Media houses and advertising agencies are learning from consumer every day. They create new strategies on how to reach their targeted groups. This might include using a clever copy to sell their good or using repeated commercials on television or a fantastic creative.

Television commercials play an active role in convincing people to buy. The current generation is motivated by what they see and hear more than ever before. Various market strategies have been employed by advertising agencies to reach diverse groups of people. It must be noted that the strategies employed by these advertising houses will depend entirely on the brand being sold. That would mean targeting a particular group of people say teenagers, adults or young adult groups.

In the case of pharmaceuticals, the older groups are often the targeted groups. Advertising Agencies like to project the effectiveness of their brand by paralleling elderly people suffering with similar illness. Watching the television in USA will reveal the amount of drugs being advertised to various groups of people. They range from simple pain relievers to complex drugs that are created to treat complicated illness like multiple sclerosis, liver infections, arthritis, fibromyalgia back pain etc.

No wonder the multiple strategies being employed by various agencies. These involve using billboards, newspapers, magazines, posters and advertising on buses, train stations, inside trains and in-store advertising using other forms of multi-media.

The highest billboards effectiveness seems to be at the point of sale. Shoppers actually get to see these at a close up. Large departmental stores, take Macys, Wal-Mart, Target etc use this strategy quite well to promote their products.

Internet advertising is a fast growing advertising medium that is being employed by major big and small companies all over the world. Google, Bing and other big internet companies have made millions from internet advertising.

Effectively there are a plethora of avenues to spend your advertising begets, do pick wisely. Select your advertisement placemat to fit your demographic and product and always measure your results.