9 Tips to Improve Your Social Marketing Campaigns

1.  The 3M’s of Social Marketing

When looking at real estate, it’s “location, location, location”, but in social marketing, it’s metrics, metrics, metrics. You won’t know if you succeed unless you have established a way to get metrics What are the metrics and how are you going to obtain them? The final, crucial step – measurement – can’t succeed unless you know what you are measuring against

2. Keeping it Social

Your social campaigns run on social content, not news energy. Keep it light, fun and engaging. Do it right – conversationally – and your point won’t get lost, it will get shared.

3. Use Simple Email Social Templates

Often, the best way to launch your social campaign is with email and as technology has progressed, they have become better and better launch pads. So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a campaign, you’ll want templates so that you can easily produce Facebook landing pages, create engagement and deliver messages with professional-looking “Like” pages. Approaches already proven effective can be easily uploaded to email, share and post.

4. Keep the Content Light on Sales and Heavy on Value

Okay, you are trying to sell; that’s no secret. But your content balance needs to be heavily tipped to the value you are offering your community. The best campaigns are thoughtfully prospect-centric – you know them – and the call to action seems more like a way to keep the conversation going.

5. Choose the Appropriate Channels

Businesses can use email to automatically share campaigns and messages to Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Linked-In connections, Google+ and email subscribers. Not to mention fan pages and blog embeds, two critical forums you should not overlook. Many messages can run the gamut, but let the nature of your message help determine which channels are most appropriate.

6. Get Your Video’s Going

Explore using video. The stats are in: viewers respond more enthusiastically and are more likely to share your message. Industry researchers such as Marketing Sherpa have reported that video in an email can lift conversion rates by 50%. Using email + video to kick off the conversation lets you show benefits instead of telling about them, and viewers respond to that. Meanwhile, technology has progressed so that everyone can afford to do it right.

7. Get to the Point

Sounds simple to set up parameters, goals and objectives for what is, ideally, a conversation, but never forget this is a campaign. And campaigns are based on their destination. What do you want out of this? Awareness? Directly drive sales? Drive page traffic? Or to tap into how your audiences feel about your organization – good or bad?

8. Use Creative Email Techniques

You want the ability to engage viewers directly from the email, rather than leaving the email to follow a link where it will play. This key feature keeps communication direct with customers and aligned with the accompanying email message. It will also let you look at all of their behavior – stats on what they clicked, how often and much more – so you fine-tune your future messages according to their likes and dislikes.

9. Look Back and Go Forward

Reporting, well integrated with Google Analytics, will show how campaigns drive page visits, shares, new Facebook fans and email subscribers so that you can not only track it all, you can exactly measure your success to fine-tune future campaigns.

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