Jeff Dailey

Principal and CEO

jeffAs one of the founding Principals of Dailey Marketing Group, Jeff has led the agency for the past eight years in fulfilling its vision as a full-service advertising and eMarkering agency with a fierce commitment to strategic, creative and account service excellence that enables Dailey Marketing Group clients to realize their business goals. Jeff’s twenty plus years of experience on both the client and agency side with leading organizations provides him with a unique “inside” view of strategic marketing. Jeff formulates the strategic direction for Dailey Marketing Group clients, utilizing a unique process that focuses on a proactive approach to meeting objectives and achieving measurable results. By developing a thorough understanding of each client’s business, he builds dedicated teams that deliver exceptional strategic development, creative and account service.¬†Jeff received his MBA degree in Managerial Finance and Investor Relations from the University of Phoenix and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Corporate Finance and Accounting from California State University, Fullerton. Jeff is also certified with the eMarketing Association.