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Ten Branding Tips

Your brand is comprised not only of your logo or tagline, but also the experience and perceptions your customers have of your organization. And ultimately, the message that your brand resonates is not that which you want people to hear, but is the image people have developed about your company.

In order to make sure the take away message is what you want, it is important to undergo a branding strategy. The branding strategy is one of the biggest challenges a company will face, but also one of the most important – it is what determines the company’s identity. Because your identity will be communicated frequently, and in multiple ways, it is important to develop a consistent message.

While the undertaking of branding may seem rather daunting, it is worth the effort. Below are some benefits to having a strong brand:

  • Branding is what gives your company value and separates you from your competitors.
  • Enhanced perceived value allows for top pricing and shelters you from price competition.
  • Branding will provide protection in times of negative press.
  • A strong brand enables you to launch new products and services more quickly and cost effectively.

Your brand will come to pass with or without your effort. Branding and brand management is tough work. We have listed some guidelines on how to get started:

  • Make sure everyone is involved, from top management to the janitor, for ultimate success.
  • Research the successful competitors. Study their communications and how they position themselves.
  • Study what values are most significant to customers. Develop a questionnaire and interview key customers and prospects.
  • Develop a strategy from the information you gathered. It must be achievable and differentiating.
  • Leverage brand strategy by integrating marketing communications. Check for consistency of all communications from every department. Sending a cohesive message will build brand equity.
  • Evaluate and measure performance. Make changes as needed but be patient.